6. Contact#

6.1. Official FS One Site#

6.2. Social Media and Online Sites#

I am on YouTube and Facebook. Comments are welcome there, but for technical questions email contact is better or use RCGroups (Simulators forum, link below).

6.2.1. Substack Newsletter#

Subscribe to the newsletter get the news on FS One.

Subscribers to this “RC Flight Simulation with FS One” newsletter will be among the first to know when new airplanes and new features are planned and released for FS One. I will also discuss some of the finer details that go into RC flight simulation, share tips and techniques for flying, and touch on aerodynamics and flight dynamics now and then. In addition to the usual coverage, keep an eye out for occasional thoughts and ideas on other related topics in RC modeling.

6.2.2. YouTube Channel#

Subscribe and click the bell icon for information about FS One new software updates and features/know-how.

6.2.3. RCGroups - Simulators Forum#

Posts are also made into the “Simulators” forum on RCGroups where FS One users visit. The main thread is:

6.2.4. Facebook - FS One RC Flight Simulator#

For FS One on Facebook, you can follow the page that I manage.

6.2.5. MichaelSelig.com#

I use my website to share useful aerodynamics resources, including mention of FS One.

6.3. Email Contact#

All feedback is welcome. You can email me at contact@fsone.com.

I try to answer all email questions about FS One, and I do not require payment for FS One.

If you email me with a question, please include the information listed below.

If your question relates to running FS One, System Specifications is required. See item 1 in list below.

If your question is about an airplane that you’re flying, the specific name of that airplane is required. See item 11 in the list below.

Information to include:

  1. System Specifications (see 1a/b/c/d below):

  2. Salutation (optional):

  3. First Name:

  4. Last Name:

  5. Country:

  6. Your version of FS One:

  7. What transmitter/controller do you have:

  8. Number of channels on your transmitter:

  9. Number of active axes/sliders used in FS One:

  10. How long have you used FS One:

  11. Name of the airplane being flown:

For your System Specifications, include these details:

1a. Computer
1b. Your version of Windows
1c. Graphics card
1d. Any other information that might help

Screen shots can also be helpful if you want to send any.

If you have a Mac, FS One runs in a Windows environment under Boot Camp and also with Parallels (virtual machine).

6.4. Report a Bug#

If you want to report a bug, email contact@fsone.com. See above list for information to include in your email to help us try to replicate the bug.

6.5. Notice#

Upon sending any email to FS One, you certify that you are at least 13 years of age and accept the terms and conditions for this site.